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EAA Chapter 684 is a local chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) with membership comprised mostly of residents from Olympia area of Western Washington State. This website is for the use, education, or enjoyment of both chapter members and others who are interested in building, testing and flying their own aircraft.




 If you are interested in EAA Chapter membership or in joining this group please contact us at eaa684olympia@yahoo.com 

Our chapter was founded by a group of individuals interested in building their own aircraft, some scratch build from plans but more often built from "Kit Build" components supplied by a large and varied number of aircraft designers and Kit suppliers. Eventually after much dedicated effort the "Amateur Builders" then have them licensed under the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) "Experimental Amateur Built" (EAB) category or more recently the "Experimental Light Sport Aircraft" (ELSA) category.
The EAA and its Chapters are an experienced source of extensive knowledge and support for experimental aircraft builders. We also have much skill to draw on within our own Olympia Chapter and our members are supportive of each other in working on their projects and in starting new projects making our meetings and activities a rewarding forum for sharing of related ideas and interests.
Love of flying and the fascination with flying machines is an integral part of each of us. There are so many proven experimental aircraft designs and styles out there to spark our interest. Proven methods and materials of construction and builders practical experience are readily available to us.
We can realize our "daydreams", knowing that with much determination, encouragement, acquisition of skills, tools and workshop space, that we have the ability to actually build and fly or reassemble and restore one of those wonderful contraptions.
Michelle Whitehead, President EAA684 (360) 736-7817

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